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About Izzy

Izzy Hutchison

Izzy Hutchison

Born in Hertfordshire, UK

Lived on the East Suffolk coast 

Lives & works in London and Farnham, UK

I'm a self taught artist who began her career in interior design.  After being widowed rather prematurely at the age of 24, I made the decision after an eight year profession in interiors to make a major change in my life, and that came first in the form of a one year sabbatical in Australia, where I painted a couple of murals whilst in Sydney in order to keep myself employed. On returning home I was prepared to take on any commissioned work in exchange for a living, which ended up being hugely varied, but it provided a steady stream of income to keep me afloat. I have worked in many mediums since then, some I favour more than others, but I am not a typical art college graduate with a set and branded style with which I trade myself.  I do what I love and feel passionate about what I do, and having found that life almost became not worth living, my art has given me a reason to get up in the morning and a raison d'être that is never short of satisfaction and pleasure. In short I paint to live and I live to paint.


Self taught artist

Higher Education

2000 - 2004 Westminster University

BA (Hons )Photography



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